Burning Man Spectator creates micro house for the bike

by Mark R

bike-trailer-home_1_khjqm_69-thumb-550x365-22936I often admire the romantic “living off the land” spirit of books like Into The Wild, but I can’t help but wonder how practical that is.

It would appear that a visitor at Burning Man has discovered a way to make one of the smallest self-contained homes that I have ever seen. Weighing in at 100 pounds, this micro house tows easily behind a bicycle.

It features a solar oven, and solar power is also used to heat the water for the shower. I don’t think the user can shower inside the space, so you might want to make certain you have some privacy when you’re showering.

In case you are wondering about the bathroom, there is a funnel for urine. As an extra bonus, there is a transparent, hemispherical window that allows the owner to sleep under the stars and still be protected from the rain.

It sort of makes you want to just take off on the open road and leave civilization behind, doesn’t it? The designer, who my source only calls Paul, originally conceived this micro house as a way of self-sufficient transportation in an apocalyptic age like in a plague or something. So if there ever comes a time when zombies come alive and march after us, this micro house is just the thing for a quick getaway so you can fight another day.


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Feint Says: August 27, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Yea because I would run away from zombies on a bicycle with 100 pounds of rolling resistance behind it. Why not fill it with an arsenal of guns, ammo, explosives, and canned bacon instead!

Solar expert Says: August 28, 2009 at 9:07 am

Really cute 😉

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