Star Wars game Plugs and Plays

image-125I never did understand a lot of these plug and play games that are available in toy departments? I mean, does the world really need a Spongebob game that uses his nose as a joystick?

Perhaps we should ask whether we need the Star Wars 5-in-1 Plug n Play TV Game, that uses the Millennium Falcon as a base. Sadly, the joystick protrudes in a very non-elegant fashion, unlike Spongebob’s nose.

The 5-in-1 in the product’s name refers to the 5 games based on Episodes 1, 2, and 3, the not-so better half of the Star Wars sexology. (That’s a group of six movies, you perverts.) The games are called names like Coruscsant Attack, Droid Invasion, Grievous Onslaught, Gunship Battle, and Utapau Attack.

Of course, you will need 4 AA batteries to keep the action going and you’ll need access to your AV RCA ports on your TV to get it working in the first place.

This is my warning to you: if you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, look at the games before you buy it! There is nothing worse than buying a Star Wars game and finding out that it really sucks. Don’t be seduced by the Star Wars packaging.

But if you see the games, and decide that you want it, go over to Amazon and lay down $34.99.