Specialized Glasses let you write with your eyes

tempt-dual-projectionlaserewI once heard a story about a bedridden artist that couldn’t stand and paint, so he took a paintbrush, put it on a long stick, and preceded to paint on the ceiling.

It would appear that LA graffiti artist Tony Quan has also undergone some sickness and is unable to perform his talents. In 2003, Quan was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), but his friends have helped him out.

As you can see from the crude diagram, the eyewriter glasses are connected to the CPU of a laptop. All the artist has to do is move his eyes, and the dual projectors create an image like a Paint program.

In all honesty, I never really understood Graffiti art. Sadly, I was brought up to associate graffiti with vandalism. Yet I was in downtown Seattle the other day and realized that many see graffiti as a very honest form of expression.

I suppose that this is just the beginning of the use of the eyewriter for other cases of ALS, or other debilitating diseases. I would like to try it out, simply because I like the idea of drawing with my eyes. It sort of reminds me of those Air Mouse that don’t require a mousepad, but the user just waves it in the air.


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