Sony reveals new S Series Walkman


Sony has always been synonymous with the Walkman brand name, and the same applies the other way round since the first portable cassette player was launched in the previous century. How time has passed by so quickly, with portable music now being defined by the MP3 file format, with portable video being another entertainment staple these days for people who own a portable media player or cellphoe. Well, Sony has released new stylish S Series Walkman Video MP3 players that also come with integrated high-quality stereo speakers which allow you to share your favorite tunes with others around without the need to cower under the guise of headphones.

Despite packing in built-in stereo speakers, the new Sony S Series Walkman player will come in a slim and compact form factor, measuring no more than 0.5″ thin. The device also boasts a 2.4″ QVGA LCD display alongside a super quick response time so you won’t have to put up with less-than-satisfactory video playback, “Clear Audio” and “Digital Linear Phase Speaker System” technologies.

Apart from those, it is also imperative that a portable media player is able to hold its own on long trips, so don’t fret too much as the S Series Walkman player will come with up to 42 hours of continuous audio playback, although video playback isn’t anything to shout about strangely at just 6.5 hours – and all these are done through the headphones. When you settle for speaker output, performance drops by more than half for audio at 17 hours, while video playback receives a lesser blow at just 5 hours. Other features include voice recording and FM recording capability, and file transfer is as simple as drag-and-drop. The Sony S Series Walkman will come in black, red, violet and pink colors from next month onwards, where the 8GB and 16GB models will retail for $110 and $130, respectively.

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