Magnetic Propelled Cars: Our traffic saviors?

ipv-by-philipp-siebourg-thumb-550x321-228561Last week, we covered a story about driverless taxis at Heathrow Airport, and it would appear that someone else is working on a driverless vehicle system with the Induction Powered Vehicle (IPV).

This concept vehicle is designed by Phillipp Siebourg, and it is not designed for the average consumer, but for vehicles that can’t afford to be stopped by traffic. It uses a magnetic track to guide the vehicle, which can be controlled by a cellular phone.

That’s right, if you are a specialty vehicle in the future, you might be able to just dial up your location and sit back and enjoy the ride. It certainly beats the heck out of a GPS. Hey, just think of how easy FedEx and UPS drivers will have it if this process ever gets going.

You know it really should be in place now. You remember that Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Timecop? What year did that future world take place in, 2004? As I recall, the cars drove themselves, and looked really weird. So at the end of the movie, where the main character says he wants to go home, the car brings him to his location.

Yeah, I don’t see this type of technology becoming a reality anytime soon. But in its defense, Seattle just put in a new Light Rail that has been under development for several years. These things take time.