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Nokia is synonymous with cellphones, and it is interesting to note that the Finnish cellphone manufacturer has finally made the jump onto the netbook bandwagon with the introduction of the Nokia Booklet 3G. The Booklet 3G will be powered by Windows while running on Intel’s Atom processor that is the common denominator for many a netbook. How will the Booklet 3G turn out when it is finally released to the masses? Will it be as easy to use as the initial Nokia handsets more than a decade ago that proved to be the most user-intuitive cellphone at that time when compared to other rather clunky operating systems on Motorola and Ericsson phones? Granted, a netbook is a totally different ball game but at least it still keeps the portable device theme intact.

Nokia claims that its Booklet 3G is able to offer up to a dozen hours of battery life, although they did not mention under what criteria this figure is achieved. This is in line with some of the longest lasting netbooks in the market that are currently dominated by the likes of the Asus Eee Seashell series, allowing one to remain productive even when they’re away from a power outlet. An ultra-portable aluminum chassis will hold the innards of the Booklet 3G together, where it measures no more than 2cm thin while tipping the scales at a mere 1.25kg. Users will also be pleased to note that one can choose from various connectivity options to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues through 3G/HSPA and Wi-Fi. Apart from that, you will also find Nokia’s broad suite of Ovi services being thrown into the mix.

The Booklet 3G will also be equipped with an HDMI port for HD video out, a front facing camera which comes in handy for video calls, built-in Bluetooth connectivity, an SD memory card reader, a 10″ HD-ready display and integrated A-GPS. We have no idea on pricing or availability, although we do know that the Booklet 3G will be announced at Nokia World on September 2.

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