Star Wars Force Trainer


force-trainerCan’t get enough of George Lucas’ creation? The Star Wars Force Trainer ought to be a toy that not only children will enjoy but adults as well. Remember the early Jedi training that Luke Skywalker had with his lightsaber? Well, this one’s different as it purportedly develops your power of concentration.

The Star Wars Force Trainer is a fantastic leap forward in technology. The headset actually measures your brainwaves – brainwaves you will learn how to control. Seriously, your brainwaves will lift the ball in the Star Wars Force Trainer device (well, technically air will, but the strength of your brainwaves will control the power of the air). Using dry sensor technology, the Force Trainer can determine the differences between the alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves present in your brain. You can control these different brain ‘states’ by using your ability to focus and to concentrate. A micro-chip inside the Force Trainer then uses an algorithm to figure out which brain state you are in and then decides how to raise or lower the ball based on that state.

Sounds almost like magic, but there really isn’t anything more than modern technology at work here. The Star Wars Force Trainer can be yours for $119.99 a pop.

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