Smart Solar Roto Basket Hook spins your plants

by Ally


My gardening talents have always been somewhat limited, it seems that every year I kill a few less plants, but I’m still definitely not skilled.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that envies the perfectly symmetrical plants that hang at the homes of people that aren’t so bad at gardening.  Well now instead of attempting to remember to rotate your plant, you can have a gizmo to do it for you.  You won’t even have to remember to change the batteries.

Just hang this from one of your hanging plant hooks and then hang a plant from the other end of the gadget.  You won’t ever have to change out the batteries since this gadget is completely solar powered.  The brighter the sun is that day, the more the plant turns.  Although be careful when hanging up your basket since this hook can only hold a maximum of 27 pounds.  You can purchase these Smart Solar Roto Basket hooks for $14.95 a piece from Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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