The Renewable Energy Experiment Kit

by Ally


Renewable energy is something that has become an important part of technology, which makes it important to teach the younger generations about it.  This isn’t one of those kits that only teaches about solar energy, instead it helps children to compare more than one type of of renewable energy.  Allowing for them to see for themselves how well each one works.  This experiment kit would be great for any kid that enjoys science and seeing how things work.

This little toy has a wind turbine, a solar cell, electrolytic cells, and a hand-operated dynamo.  All of which can be used to create renewable energy.  The electricity is stored in the rechargeable battery and then in turn is used to power a motor, LED lights and a buzzer.  There is also a built-in voltmeter that will allow for the child using it to observe each type of energy and its effectiveness.  Within the manual that comes with it, it also teaches kids how to reduce energy costs within the home.  You can purchase the kit for $49.95 from Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: RGS

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