Preschooler’s Digital Camera


toy-digicamForget about big boys’ toys – this one is for the kids. This little digital camera will not only be able to capture favorite memories from the eyes of your little one, it was also built tough to withstand the rigors of being a child’s toy.

Housed in a thick plastic case with sold, rubber handholds that provide a sure grip for an entire hand (versus just using the fingers), the camera has a 0.3 MP image sensor that takes both 640 x 480 resolution pictures and 320 x 240 resolution videos. It has a fixed-focus lens, so children simply line up a shot and press the button; images are shown on its 1″ color display. It can store up to 150 JPEG pictures and 3 1/2 minutes of AVI video on its 16 MB memory, which can be downloaded to a computer running Windows via the included USB cable.

Each $59.95 purchase comes with relevant software used for image editing once your kid is done, and it will be powered by a quartet of AA batteries. Don’t worry about Junior breaking your DSLR now after getting him this!

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jculver Says: August 24, 2009 at 7:12 pm

My daughter had one of these, and it’s terrible. Miniscule view screen, buttons placement bad for small hands, poor battery life, no flash and absolutely awful photos. Yeah , it does video, but a black square is a black square, video or not. If your kid wants a camera go buy a pix jr. – we have one of these now, and my 3yr old loves it. It takes pretty decent photos, has a flash, is build for smaller hands, is still quite rugged. It has a slot for a sd card, and has a “magic wand” button that allows you to put various disney characters in the photo along with your subject. For the money, which is comparable, it is a far superior camera.

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