Gravity Defying Gizmos


gravity-defying-gizmosAt first glance, both this remote controlled car and spider look pretty ordinary, but wait till you reveal its secret capability of being able to defy gravity – that ought to shock some of your friends while turning the rest green with envy. The Gravity Defying Gizmos have the ability to ride on the wall and ceiling.

Choose between the classic red car design or freak your family out with the spider. Both of them have an inbuilt fan system that creates enough suction to defy gravity while their tracks keep them moving along, letting you tear around the living room wall or kitchen ceiling. Of course, if you’re feeling less adventurous you can always flick their switch and play with them on the floor. Now you can take the fun ALL over the house.

It doesn’t matter whether you settle for the Gravity Defying Spider or Gravity Defying Car – either one will still cost you £29.99. Just make sure you have a pack of rechargeable batteries handy as they will require half a dozen AAs to get up and moving.

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