Nyko Action Pack Available Now for FPS-lovers

wii_actionpak_03The last time I covered anything by Nyko, it was the Wand at CES. I have recently tried out the company’s Action Pack, and I am pleased at the company’s efforts at creating a more excellent gaming experience.

The Nyko Action Pack comes with the Wand, as well as the Pistol Grip. Nyko’s exclusive Trans-Port technology allows “a pure digital connection between the grip and the Wand for maximum compatibility with action based games”. I’m not sure what all that means, but I believe it just translates to Wiimote accessories that play better.

This is definitely the case of the Pistol Grip, which is the best gun attachment for the Wii that I have played with so far. Most of these Wiimote gun attachments are usually just plastic plug-ins that allow the player realistic trigger controls for the B key, but forget that Nintendo Wii First Person Shooters actually use the A key.

This A key control is located conveniently on the edge, where someone would cock a gun in real life. Thanks to this gun attachment, Lara Croft can now shoot and jump, instead of just shooting and having me do some awkward move to hit the A key as she is jumping. There is even a tiny switch on the bottom of the grip that allows the user to make the trigger the A key, and the “cocking thing” the B key.

By the way, the Action Pack is good for games that don’t require shooting. I’ve recently been re-playing Lego Indiana Jones, and have had a fun time with this Wii action pack.

In short, I recommend the Nyko Action Pack and highly recommend you head over to the company site and purchase one yourself for $44.99, especially if you are into FPS games.