Iropod: Invading your home with a new way of mobile computing

iropod02Designer Salvatore Matteo’s Interactive Robotic Pod Computer, or Iropod, is not designed to be Johnny Five’s taller brother, but a simple way for users with one PC to move it throughout the house.

I mean, if you think about it, it really does make sense. We are clearly becoming a society that requires a computer in every room. We keep recipes on a database in the kitchen, watch video files in the living room, and other tasks that run us amok throughout the house.

The Iropod is a stand with wheels for the computer that is designed to take the computer wherever it needs to go without worrying about wires getting caught or whatnot. It is also flexible enough to allow the user to stand or sit, depending on his or her needs.

Even though the Iropod site shows the device being used all around a home (even in the backyard), I actually think this would work better at businesses. If it is easier for an employer to take a PC and show their boss something rather than having to bring the boss to the PC, than the Iropod can be a great help.

In short, keep working on the Iropod, Mr. Matteo. It is a good idea. That is, until we get homes with computer screens on every wall. I suppose that idea is pretty futuristic, but so is the Iropod.