iConvert, therefore I am watching no more VHS

by Mark R

convertvideoconverter_smallI’m sure that some of you are like me, and have hundreds of VHS tapes on the shelves that are hardly watched, simply because the formatting is so poor. And these are probably the ones that you don’t have on DVD!

Yes, this digital age has seen the end of video tape, but video tape can be brought into digital format with iConvert. This device needs no computer, but connects to the VCR, camcorder, DVD player, or whatever you want put on a standard SD or SDHC card.

All you need to do is just press play, and iConvert records your favorite movies in their grainy format. From there, you can take out the card and transfer digital videos to your computer or other digital device.

Of course, you are probably going to have to spend a lot of time putting in old movies, then taking them out to put on your computer. However, this might be a great way to sift out the ones that you really want. I mean, do you really want Ghostbusters on VHS when you can just buy it on DVD in a much clearer format for less than eight dollars. Better yet, watch it for free on crackle.com?

If this is up your alley, then I highly suggest heading over to the Brookstone website and lay down $99.95 for it.


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