Road Refresher Dog Bowl


road-dog-bowlIs the Road Refresher Dog Bowl an ingenious invention or what? After all, any dog owner would notice that their beloved four legged friend often drinks in a rather unrefined manner, lapping water up while splashing a fair bit all over the place. The Road Refresher Dog Bowl was specially designed for those who always bring their dogs with them when traveling, as it claims to reduce doggie slobber by up to 90%. Even Barack Obama has gotten one for the presidential pooch, showing the world how gullible he is – I jest, it just goes to show how effective the Road Refresher Dog Bowl is.

The Road Refresher encourages tidy drinking by limiting the amount of water dogs can lap up at any one time. A floating plate inside the bowl automatically feeds through enough water for Fido to drink, but immediately restricts the flow when there is a surge from cornering, braking, kicking, tripping and so on. The ingenious design even keeps long ears and beards out of the water (the dog’s, not yours). Ideal for long journeys, this easy-to-clean piece of toughened polypropylene genius will soon become the dog bowl of choice for anyone who wants to reduce slobber, in car and around the house. It’s even got a velcro base and additional fixing pads to ensure it stays put on carpets and kitchen floors.

You can pick up the original sized version for £11.99, while those who want the smaller one (comes in pink or yellow) will have to fork out £9.99 although it is currently out of stock at the moment for the smaller model.

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