Rotgutonix Chemical Sensor checks alcohol quality


It’s finally Friday and if you’re headed out tonight to get your fix of alcohol, you want to make sure that you’re getting the alcohol you paid for.  You don’t want some screwed up concoction that has something besides what you ordered.  It’s Friday, if you want to get plastered, plastered is what you should get and you want to do it right.  This Rotgutonix will check to see if there is rotgut or adulterated alcohol in your drink.

I’m not sure that it’ll help you get your money back, but you can cause one heck of a scene, which might be enough for them to be inclined to get you to quiet down.  If you have to pay good money to get a drink, you should get what you pay for.  The way it works is you dip it into your drink, it will then display the type of alcohol or brand on the small screen.  If it’s not a good alcohol it will show a skull and crossbones to let you know that you aren’t getting quality alcohol.  There is a product page for this device, but it appears that you’re going to have to actually contact them to find out how to get one of these.

Source: ChipChick