Wi-Spy 2.4i Spectrum Analyzer


wispyWhen wireless connectivity first game about, the world was abuzz with the possibilities of living the full digital life sans pesky wires that could cause folks to always trip over. Well, over the course of years as prices go south due to more and more people adopting the wireless lifestyle, the 2.4GHz band could get rather overcrowded, and might possibly cause interference problems with equipment. For those who want to analyze the invisible 2.4GHz band, the Wi-Spy 2.4i ought to do the trick.

The new Wi-Spy 2.4i packs a lot of value into a compact package with extra-fine resolution and a super-low noise floor, not seen on other entry-level tools. Plus, Chanalyzer Lite, Wi-Spy 2.4i’s software, offers a great assortment of features that help you get to the bottom of interference issues quickly and easily. And to top it off, it now has a 3-D view and Mac support. Tracks all radio activity from Wi-Fi, Cordless Phones, Microwave ovens, Zigbee, Bluetooth, or any other 2.4 GHz device. Graphically shows which channels to use and which ones to avoid.

Interested? ThinkGeek is selling the Wi-Spy 2.4i for $99.99.

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