For photo gear with personality – DigiDude Camera Tripods


This, in my opinion, is one of the better portable tripod designs I’ve seen.  There are a great deal that make carrying a tripod a lot more convenient, but they’re ones you’ll have to remember to grab.  These go for a different approach.  Each one has a goofy design on the front, making them something you might actually enjoy carrying around and showing off.  When it’s not in use you could toss it on a keychain or a camera bag.  Then it’s always handy when you need it most.

Digidudes are a brand new design, so new that they aren’t even out just yet.  Don’t worry, you can actually purchase them, they’re just still working on getting them all ready to ship out.  To use them you take off the cap and screw it onto your camera.  They suggest you add a little bit of lead in the boots if you’d like the tripod to be a little more sturdy.  Plus on non-flat surfaces you could screw holes in the boots making it possible to attach clamps.  It gives the product a little versatility, but in all honesty, it’d be nice if they did those things for you.  However, you can’t complain much when these are only going to cost you $19.99 a piece, plus the shipping is free.

Source: ChipChick