Marantz Blu-ray players get DivX playback

marantz-divxMarantz has released a couple of new Blu-ray players which will feature DivX HD 1080p playback. Both the BD7004 and BD5004 Blu-ray players are readily available in the US and Canada, enabling users to playback their 1080p DivX HD videos in a jiffy. DivX format videos boast the advantage of offering a superior media experience without taking up an insane amount of hard drive space, where a full length high definition movie is able to fit onto a standard DVD instead of the usual Blu-ray disc. No idea on pricing of the BD7004 and BD5004 Blu-ray players, although if you’re willing to invest good money in them, they ought to offer a decent playback experience especially if you’re an avid Torrent downloader – just keep a close eye on your door for RIAA officials to bust into your pad and arresting you for illegal downloading activities. Don’t say you have not been warned!

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