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emed-ideMed-ID is the first emergency medical device franchise in the world, and the company has recently announced that they have rolled out the eMed-Alert. The eMed-Alert is but a next-generation personal assistance voice dialer that will target seniors who might need assistance in summoning help whenever they are in an emergency. After all, there are more than 11 million Americans who are aged 65 and older living alone currently, making the eMed-Alert useful to offer a way to maintain their independence without having to worry about getting help should they get themselves in a tight spot.

Unlike other services that require a monthly fee, the eMed-Alert system will cost $129 outright. Just in case family and friends are unable to be the contacts, there is the option to sign up for the professional monitoring system for a relatively affordable $19.95 monthly. In order to have the eMed-Alert system kick itself into action, all the owner needs to do is press a solitary button on the heart pendant or on the system’s base in order to summon help through three various ways. Firstly, a siren will be activated on the voice dialer console, where subsequently the personal assistance voice-dialer will be enabled to call up to four phone numbers programmed and play a pre-recorded message to the persons called. Last but not least, the voice dialer will enable each call recipient to “listen-in” through the console in order to get an aural idea of what is happening in the room.

Folks who pick up the eMed-ID package will have to fork out $69.95, where it comprises of the PHR USB device, a quartet of eMed-ID caregiver cards, a couple of eMed-ID In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) refrigerator cards and a bound report. Bear in mind that eMed-ID is currently the only medical identification product which is able to offer customers an optional legally-binding healthcare surrogate, HIPAA release and living will for added peace of mind.

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