Lego Wind-Up Dynamo Torch

by Ally


Everyone has had their days where they’d love nothing more than to pick up the toys that they loved so much as a kid and just kill an afternoon.  Which makes me think that this Lego Dynamo Torch will be just as much of a hit among Lego loving adults as it will kids who are currently building various things with Legos.  Even better than it being a Lego themed flashlight is that it’s eco-friendly on top of it.

It doesn’t require disposable batteries, instead you just give the hand crank a whirl and it’ll charge it up.  It doesn’t say how long you have to crank it, but with most flashlights like that, it doesn’t take too terribly long.  It being hand crank would make it great for a child to have in their room if the dark makes them nervous.  The only down side, in my opinion, with the crank flashlights is that it never seems like they get bright enough.  You can purchase the flashlight for £13.99 or about $23 from

Source: OhGizmo

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