Kensington Notebook Sleeve doubles as stand


There are very few gadgets left that perform only a single function.  Many of them have more little functions than you can count.  So why should your laptop sleeve only perform one task?  That task being to protect your laptop from any bumps and scrapes it might get while it’s being transported from one place to another.  It’s definitely a nice thing that the laptop does that for you, but it’d be nice if it did more than that.  Well Kensington now has a laptop case that also converts into a laptop stand.

Just fold it back and forth to suit whichever need you might have at the moment and  you’re set.  Right now it’s not out just yet, but you can pre-order the item.  Oddly enough though, they aren’t stating when you’ll receive the laptop case if you do choose to pre-order it.  The sleeve will fit laptops ranging in size from 14.1” on up to 15.4”.  Right now this only comes in one size, but hopefully they’ll create more at some point.  You can hit pre-order directly on the Kensington website or you can check out the list of retailers and how much they’ll be selling it for.  The retailers have it listed anywhere from $25.99 on up to $45.95.

Source: Crave