DuoFertility guarantees baby or your money back


Folks who are looking to conceive and have plenty of trouble doing so can always check out the DuoFertility gizmo that comes with a money-back guarantee, which is pretty surprising since not many people/parties are willing to include a guarantee in their products these days. The guarantee is good for a year, where they claim that you can always get your money back if you and your partner do not end up with a bundle of joy within that period of time. The entire package will comprise of ovulation detectors made from rubberized plastic which are then stuck below a woman’s arm near her bra strap. This is made possible thanks to an adhesive patch that covers the entire sensor. The sensor will hold a temperature probe and memory chip which will then keep track of essential data every few seconds. The wireless data reader will break down what it has gathered, translating them to a user-friendly piece of information that includes temperature readings as well as an ovulation diary so that one can always do the horizontal hokey-pokey where chance of conceiving is at its highest.

Source: Gizmodiva