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Anyone who loves gadgets will definitely find that toting around their beloved devices would also mean having to pack respective chargers as well, and if you tend to have a slew of devices to handle, then the bulk in your luggage will add up pretty quickly. Fancy the magic of wireless charging then in order to avoid all the hassle of carrying multiple chargers for different devices? That’s what WildCharge Inc. aims to do, being the leader in wire-free power technology. The company has just announced that the new WildCharge PowerDisc is touted to be the most cost-effective and versatile solution to date where wire-free charging is concerned, working with hundreds of different portable electronic devices. The PowerDisc will play nice with the WildCharger pad and other WildCharge-enabled surfaces, letting you juice up multiple categories of devices that include cellphones, Bluetooth headsets, e-book readers and GPS units among others. In addition, it is also the first WildCharge accessory that is compatible with LG and Samsung handsets.

Each PowerDisc purchase will be equipped with seven interchangeable PowerLinks in order to offer charging compatibility with the aforementioned LG and Samsung cellphones, in addition to handling handsets from other major manufacturers including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, RIM and Palm among others. There is no hassle of going through an installation process, making it all the much easier to use. All the user needs to do is choose the right PowerLink, plug the appropriate end into the disc while the other end is inserted into the device. Whenever you place the disc on a WildCharger Pad or other WildCharge-enabled surface, the device will automatically start to recharge itself. The advantage of the PowerDisc’s small size allows one to place several of these on a WildCharger pad simultaneously.

Interested in wire-free charging? The PowerDisc and accompanying PowerLinks can be picked up for $19.99, while those who are looking for a bundle that consists of the WildCharger Pad, PowerDisc and accompanying PowerLinks will cost $64.99.

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