Steampunk USB Flash Drive

by Ally


Usually I prefer for my flash drives to be small, but not so small that I’m constantly worrying that I’m going to lose it.  You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones that are so small you have to attach something to it to make sure that it stays with your keys, otherwise it wouldn’t last a day.  Well this one goes for the opposite end of things, it’s a touch larger than your average USB drive.  Which is alright, since it looks great doing it.

This drive comes from Russia, which seems to be where all the good mods come from.  Sadly, as with all the best mods, you can’t purchase this.  However, the person that created this drive was kind enough to give a few details and extra pictures on how it was done.  It’s nothing quite as in depth as a step by step guide, but if you’re good at DIY projects it should be enough to get you started at the very least.

Source: Gizmowatch

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