Rainbow projector clock

rainbow-clock1Want to be a Care Bear? The Rainbow projector clock is absolutely awesome then if you loved that 1980s cartoon, where it will project a beautiful rainbow across your wall, or even in your room’s ceiling. You can choose from three different modes – Variation, Slow and Vivid. The three cycles will involve the rainbow fading in from red to purple, color by color gradually, before it fades out from red to purple once again. In addition, it will appear in order so that your little ones can learn the right order as well visually. You can pick this puppy up for $23 a pop.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow projector clock”

  1. It looks really great work of an innovative brain. I think apart from child education it can be also useful as decoration lighting in room or in hall.

  2. I really like this and i also have a projector clock but that is not has rainbow but i am looking for it because it looks really well.

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