Party Timer calculates the intensity of your party


This is one of those gadgets, were it more than a concept design, would definitely be making its way into college frat houses everywhere.  During your average day it’s nothing more than an oversized clock.  It’s not something I’d call stylish, but it can either be set on a table top or hung on the wall.  In addition to working as a clock, it calculates what type of party is going on in your house.

It does this based on the noise level, it reads how many decibels the noise level is and then chooses the category.  For example 0 to 10 means no party, 21 to 50 is a talking party, 101 to 120 is a club party and anything above 161 is an “atom party”.   If nothing else it’ll definitely give guests a goal to knock the party into a higher gear.  Of course, the Party Timer is just a concept design so there is no purchasing it.

Source: CraziestGadgets