iPhone Steering Wheel: MarioKart Never Had it so Good

ip-sws_270x269Even though the included steering wheel for MarioKart was just a cheap piece of plastic, it pales in comparison to this racing wheel for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Digital Steering Wheel from CTA comes comes with grip with a bigger radius, not to mention a suction cup mount that adheres to any flat surface. The angle which the user wants to play is also adjustable.

It works for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. It comes with about 4 “mounts” that the user has to insert their particular Apple device in, and then snap it in to the center of the wheel. I have included a video that you can see after the jump if you want more info.

Clearly, I need to get an iPhone just so I can try out all these racing apps. I suppose that it is not enough just to tilt the device, isn’t it. No, someone had to go make a steering wheel for it. I believe that they call that “progress”.

Unfortunately, my source did not give any word on the price. Anyone want to care to guess? Sure that piece of plastic for MarioKart is $19.99, but this piece of plastic has a suction cup and adjustable angle. If it turns out that the CTA Digital Steering Wheel is $20 or lower, then we need to storm Nintendo.

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  1. I like how at the very start right after his little speech he starts playing and says “to give you the authentic feel of being behind a real vehicle,” as he crashes from one wall into the opposing wall in game. Some may not care about this blemish in the video but if I am buying a wheel controller for precision on my games then I would want to see that precision demonstrated. This guy uses the same clip in the video twice and all he does is drive straight into a damn wall; TWICE!

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