The Spoticam lamp disguised as security camera


It seems more and more devices are disguising themselves as other devices.  This at first glance appears to be a security camera, when in fact it’s a light.  It’d make for an interesting porch light and might make it less likely that someone will break in.  It might also make you feel important to have a security camera sitting firmly at your door.  It’d definitely make for a humorous light to sit at your desk.

This Spoticam was created by the Antrepo Design Industry.  The lamp can either sit on a table or be mounted to a wall.  It comes in two different color choices, one is pure white and the other is raw aluminum.  Sadly, this odd lamp isn’t exactly for sale right now.  There’s no word on if it will be or how you can find one.  They do make a point to mention the two different color choices they come in, which means they might have the intention of selling these at some point.  Just keep an eye out on the product page if you’re interested in picking one up.

Source: OhGizmo