The USB Bulb Flash Drive


If you’re looking to hide your USB drive, this is one way to do it while still leaving it out in the open.  Although it’s not going to fool anyone into believing it’s a working light bulb, no one would guess without looking closely that it’s actually a flash drive.  Of course looking closely you can start to see the top of the drive, since the bulb is completely clear.  You won’t have to worry about losing it either since it easily attaches to your keychain.

The end of the bulb screws over top of the drive, to keep it well protected and secure.  They don’t say what the bulb itself is made out of, but I would hope that it’s a durable plastic since it is going to dangle along with your keys.  The drive can be purchased in three different sizes, 2GB, 4GB and finally 8GB.  None of which are too horribly priced either.  The smallest is $19, the 4GB is $22 and the largest is $32 from Brando.

Source: Geekalerts