Retro Mini X Handheld NES System


retro-mini-xDespite technological advancements in the world of video games and consoles, there are times when some of us just want to sit back, relax and enjoy titles of yore. ThinkGeek fills up this need with their latest release, the Retro Mini X Handheld NES System. As you can tell by its product name, this device will be able to handle your entire library of NES games – just make sure that you have original (and still working) cartridges to begin with. If those do not work, do try out the classic blow-into-the-connector method, otherwise just pick up some titles off eBay and other online auction sites. Back to the Retro Mini X Handheld NES System – this mini game system will hook up to a TV and comes with a wireless Zapper replica to boot! Unfortunately, you cannot use the Zapper with the integrated LCD display, as it will only function whenever the system is hooked up to a TV. Not only that, another limitation is, the Zapper will play nice only with a CRT TV, so folks running on LCDs and plasmas might want to think twice before picking up this $49.99 classic gaming tool.

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tadasbar Says: November 17, 2009 at 11:24 pm

Does it work with “Game Genie”?

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