Gemologist’s Diamond Authenticity Tester


gemologistLadies, if you’re thinking of your next gadget purchase, might we suggest the Gemologist’s Diamond Authenticity Tester to you? After all, which woman doesn’t like it when they receive a diamond ring, earring or necklace from their beloved? If your man’s salary doesn’t seem to add up despite him showering you will all these glitzy presents, you’d best be aware as to whether these tokens of “love” are authentic or not, and the Gemologist’s Diamond Authenticity Tester would be just the right thing to have.

This device instantly verifies the authenticity of a diamond and detects the presence of moissanite and cubic zirconia, the two most common diamond simulants. The handheld unit uses thermal and electrical conductivity testing–the same verification methods used by gemologists–to determine if a stone is a natural diamond or a counterfeit. The device exposes stones to thermal and electrical currents and their ability to conduct these currents reveals the true identity of the stone (genuine diamonds are only thermally conductive; cubic zirconia is neither thermally nor electrically conductive; moissanite conducts both heat and electricity). Simply place the tip of the device on the stone in question and LEDs illuminate instantly on the handle to show the composition of the stone. Simply rubbing the probe tip on copy or printer paper prior to each use will clean the sensor and ensure optimal results.

Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, this $299.95 device comes with a travel pouch. Guess using this is somewhat a Pandora’s Box – you might end up breaking up with him because of his lies when it comes to insisting those are real jewelry instead of fakes until you shove the results right in his face.

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