Nikon D3000 aims to endear with new features


nikon-d3000Nikon Corporation has increased its family member by yet another model with the unveiling of its D3000 DX-format digital SLR. The D3000 will target folks who want to make the jump from a standard point-and-shoot compact digital camera into the world of digital SLRs, where it brings together in-camera assistance and supreme ease-of-use with Nikon’s renowned technology. There is a new Guide mode thrown into the fray, where it offers a hassle-free method for less-experienced picture-takers to get them used to snapping images using a digital SLR camera. This Guide mode will rely on its intuitive user-friendly interface to assist users in choosing shooting modes for a variety of situations and further explore advanced photographic techniques if they so desire. It doesn’t matter if you’re about to capture close-ups, landscapes or portraits with soft backgrounds, the D3000 has more than enough underneath its hood to handle most common photographic situations.

Apart from the new Guide mode mentioned, the D3000 will employ a 10.2-megapixel
Nikon DX-format CCD sensor that helps produce high-resolution images which enable beautiful enlargements without loss of sharpness. In addition, normal ISO sensitivity ranges from ISO 100 to 1600 with the ability to kick in the Hi setting which increases sensitivity to ISO 3200 if the situation calls for it. Apart from that, Nikon’s EXPEED image processing system brings excellent resolution, long tonal scale and superb color to the fore. With Nikon’s Active D-Lighting function, details in the shadows and highlights of high-contrast scenes can be improved to an impressive level, thanks to the 420-pixel RGB sensor that analyzes a scene then adjusts exposure to achieve images that closely resemble what the human eye sees.

Other features in the D3000 include an SDHC memory card slot, compatibility with all NIKKOR AF-S and AF-I lenses that have an autofocus motor, Viewfinder grid lines that aid in picture composition and a bunch of image browsing and editing software to make it a snap whenever you want to organize your newly created albums.

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