The Undercover Laptop Sleeve disguises your laptop

by Ally


When the MacBook Air came out, there were several laptop sleeves that looked like nice tidy envelopes to store your MacBook within.  All of course imitating the tidy envelope Steve Jobs originally pulled the Air out of.  Well instead of going with something as clean and obvious as that, perhaps you could protect your laptop with something a little more on the subtle side.  With this it will just look like an old tattered envelope and might keep people from stealing your laptop.

It’s of course not a fool proof method, but it can’t hurt either.  Plus this case comes in two different sizes, one can hold all 8”-13” laptops and the other can hold 13”-17”.  It may look old and worn out, but it has plenty of padding inside to keep your laptop safe.  It’s also a waterproof and tearproof case to keep it from getting damaged.  So it might end up outlasting your laptop if it’s that durable.  You can purchase it for $29.79 or £19.99  from Lazybone UK.

Source: UberReview

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