The Suntrica SolarStrap


The advantages of having a small solar panel are endless.  I know mine has saved my rear on numerous occasions. However, even though mine is one of the smaller ones out there and it collapses to an even smaller size, it’s still just a little too big.  I don’t like to have a lot of heavy items weighing down my purse and it does exactly that.  Something as small as a luggage tag and just as flexible would make things a lot easier.  Especially for the guys, at least I can stash my clunky solar charger in my purse.  There’s no way a guy could carry it in his pocket.  With this, it could easily slip into a larger sized pocket.

The SolarStrap is also flexible, making it a little easier to stash away.  The battery has a 950mAh capacity, which is enough for your smaller gadgets like cellphones and MP3 players.  It has a velcro strap, which means it could be attached to things like a purse strap or the strap of a laptop bag as well as even a belt loop if you’re dying to make a geeky fashion statement.  It’s one of the more affordable panels too, it’ll only cost you $40.

Source: CraziestGadgets