Boardy the Paper USB flash drive


Just when you thought that you’ve seen your fair share of USB flash drives, along comes a couple of Dutch companies, Hebbuzz BV and Pit Reclame, who are rolling out something unheard of till today – an unique, foldable and recyclable paper USB flash drive known as Boardy.

The paper USB flash drive is developed to match the increasing market demand for enviromental friendly products. The production is done in Europe to achive a low enviromental footprint. The paper USB flash drive can be used as an unique and powerful marketing tool. Compared to the traditional drives the paper USB drive has a large full color printable surface, weights only 2 grams and there is no need for additional packaging material. The paper USB flash drive is fully recyclable and available in all current memory capacities.

We wonder what happens when you leave this in your pants pocket and sent it to the laundry by accident. Will it shred into pieces just like regular tissue paper, leaving only the circuitry behind, or is it hardier than expected?

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