Bushnell Spectator Sport Series Binoculars

by Mark R

178025cIt’s not often that I get to review binoculars, and I’ve heard that Bushnell makes some of the best. I was pleased to try out a pair of the Spectator Sport Series 8 x 25 (Magnification and Objective Lens).

Fortunately, I had a chance to compare it with a pair of binoculars that I own, and the Bushnell did a much better job. I looked across a lake with a pair of Tasco binoculars, and, with a little bit of focusing, I could see on the other side. With the Bushnell Spectator binoculars, I saw the other side without focusing, and it was much clearer.

I suppose they call these Spectator Sport Series binoculars because they are perfect for watching sporting events in giant stadiums. You can turn those nosebleed seats into front row center. And since they require no focus, it is easy to track that fly ball at a baseball game or long bomb at a football game. This is why the trademarked slogan for this product is “Upgrade your seat”.

Well, for those who are interested in this type of product, feel free to head over to the Bushnell site and lay down $54 for it. They come with many accessories including a carrying case and neckstrap.

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