The Jacob Jensen Weather Station

by Ally


I’ve always enjoyed the idea of having a weather station in my house.  It’s just one of those devices I haven’t gotten around to picking up just yet.  I do always check them out whenever I go to any electronics store though.  Out of all the ones I’ve seen, I don’t think I’ve seen any quite like this.  It allows for a little customization and does that while still looking extremely chic.  It would easily blend in with your stainless steel appliances within your kitchen, if you own any.

Each section has to be purchased separately, which has both ups and downs to it.  The down being that you’re going to end up paying more.  The up side is that you get exactly the portions you want and nothing more.  There are three different portions available, the Jensen Rain Gauge, the extra sensor and then the Jensen Barometer.  With all of that you could keep track of all the weather information you need, while also throwing in an alarm clock.  It can be mounted on the wall or just set out on the table.  The pieces will cost you anywhere from $49.99 on up to $99.99.

Source: ChipChick

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