Nintendo Mini Classics

ninty-mini-classicFor many of us who grew up on a steady diet of Mario and the NES, it can be pretty hard to let go of such gaming icons and move on to other less established franchises on other consoles. Good thing Nintendo have done well to maintain their goodwill with fans by offering memorable titles over the years regardless of the advancement in console technology, and this time round they’ve outdone themselves by merging two classics – old Game & Watch characters alongside the faithful Game Boy in the form of the Nintendo Mini Classics.

Containing (very) pared down versions of arcade classics, these LCD rectangles were to the Eighties what the DS is to the Noughties, and no self-respecting gamer would dream of hitting the playground without one sandwiched between his conkers. As you’ve probably guessed, all this reminiscing is merely an appetiser to whet your nostalgic cravings, because some of the greatest Game & Watch titles are back, shoehorned into these fantastic keychain-friendly gizmos. Fully licensed, they even feature the same strangely incongruous watches and alarms. High score! Styled to resemble titchy Game Boys, Nintendo Mini Classics are just as thumb-blisteringly addictive as you (probably don’t) remember. We’re talking minutes of fun! Thing is, those minutes soon turn into hours as you attempt new high scores and search for new cheats.

You can choose from Donkey Kong Jr, Mario’s Cement Factory and Super Mario Bros. for £9.99 a pop – get one and be prepared to see your productivity plummet!

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  1. Coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I was one of those people who were fed that diet as I was growing up… Guilty…

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