Last Week’s Coolest Gadget Winner Is…


The winner of last week’s coolest gadget competition is the Water Powered JetLev-Flyer: A Monster of a Hosepipe.

The JetLev-Fly Water Jet Pack is the ultimate watersport gadget for all you water junkies out there. Now, if you’re thinking it’s another jet ski gadget then think again! This water propelled monster, made up of a 4 stroke engine and 10 metre flexible hose can power the rider to a whopping 50 feet (15m), has a top speed of 30mph, and travels almost 200 miles before it needs to be refuelled. Pretty impressive I would say!

Congrats again to Gaj-It.

Washable Keyboard
In second place we have the Washable Keyboard.

The Washable Keyboard is perfect if you like to keep your work station clean. Its amazing how many germs and pieces of food get onto your keyboard in a short space of time and with the Washable Keyboard it makes cleaning it so simple. With a normal keyboard its pretty much impossible to clean them properly as most are not waterproof. With this being 100% waterproof it means your keyboard won’t stop working if you happen to spill your drink on it either.


ClimbStation - A treadmill for climbers
Finally in third place comes the ClimbStation – A treadmill for climbers.

ClimbStation is like a vertical treadmill that revolves at a top speed of 17 meters per minute. In fact, the Climbstation can automatically adjust the scrolling speed to match the user’s climbing speed, or lack thereof.


Thank you to everybody who voted, submitted, commented or told a friend. The randomly drawn winner of the $50 Amazon vouchers is:

Karl ([email protected]…), congratulations.

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW contest on Friday.

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