Toshiba targets beauty with Stainless Style model


toshiba-stainless-styleToshiba knows that a man’s home is his castle, although the queen yield considerably far more power in the confines of the castle compared to the king figurehead. Well, we suppose both parties can always find it easier to bury the hatchet whenever there is a full on argument concerning one of life’s little details, where a well designed and tastefully furnished could go some ways in helping couples reach an agreement before their anger boils over into bitter fights. Hence, Toshiba has decided to announce its latest addition to their comprehensive 2009 LCD TV/DVD combination line up, offering the brand new Stainless Style model which in essence, is an all-in-one entertainment centre that merges both style and innovation with picture excellence, boasting a stainless steel look that is in vogue in many kitchens throughout the world.

The new Toshiba Stainless Style LCD TV combination will definitely not look nor feel out of place in the kitchen as it compliments stainless steel kitchen appliances, maintaining the overall sophistication and harmony within the kitchen layout. The Stainless Style TV will bring together Toshiba’s industry-leading image and sound quality with one-of-a-kind designs, resulting in an ideal environment for entertaining right in the heart of the home. Not only do you get to see what the local TV channels are spouting at that moment in time, you also get a built-in DVD player just in case you want to watch reruns of your favorite movies while preparing dinner for the family – just make sure you don’t accidentally cut yourself when engrossed in a lengthy series.

Features within the Toshiba Stainless Style (pretty neat name if you ask us) include a 16:9 widescreen high-definition LCD display, HDMI and PC inputs that enable it to be used with a computing, gaming support, and is eco-friendly by being ENERGY STAR compliant. There is only one screen size available though, where the 18.5″ model (also known as the 19LV612U) is going for $349.99 when it arrives later this September.

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