Synaptics offers multi-touch 3000 Series


clearpad-3000Synaptics aims to break new ground by offering yet another updated version of its highly rated ClearPad solution, culminating in the advanced multi-touch ClearPad 3000 Series capacitive touch sensor solution. Arriving at this solution is no fluke for the company, as they have long built upon the success of Synaptics’ patented, flagship ClearPad touchscreen solution, where the new 3000 Series will bring together Synaptics’ best-in-class ClearPad sensing technology alongside their exclusive design-in services, making life a whole lot easier for OEMs and ODMs of mass-market mobile handsets and other handheld devices who want to include the in-vogue high-resolution capacitive touchscreens with advanced multi-finger gesture capability into their products. Guess what Synaptics is trying to say is this – companies who use their displays are able to release products to the market faster with a higher degree of reliability.

What makes the spanking new ClearPad 3000 Series so different from the rest of the displays in the same market? Well, you’d be astounded to know that it is able to distinguish up to 10 simultaneous finger touches (unless you’re born with more than ten digits on both hands, chances are you’ll literally have your hands full with any device using this display!), alongside the ability to recognize complex multi-finger gestures (such as pinch and rotate) with fine accuracy and low latency. Hmmm, perhaps future devices using the ClearPad 3000 Series sensors will definitely be able to hold their own or go up against the iPod touch and iPhone, depending on how good a company’s programmers are in order to come up with an easy and intuitive user interface. The ClearPad 3000 Series is based on new, proprietary Synaptics technology will boasts four dozen (!) sensing channels and advanced power management, trumpeting the case for an 8″ display with superior accuracy without doing a number on your battery life.

If your company is interested, the Synaptics ClearPad 3000 series engineering samples will be abailable for general release will be available in November 2009.

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