Ordering Kiosk at Jack-in-the-Box

fast-food-kioskSometimes I can’t help but wonder if technology has caused this current economic crisis. Did consumers go into debt to buy tech devices that they just “had to have”? Worse yet, did all those labor saving inventions remove the need for human workers?

Well, I can tell you one job that may not require a human anymore: the fast-food cashier. Like the self-checkout stands that you see at your local grocer or the ATM at your bank, this kiosk that you see to the left removes the human from the fast-food equation.

I am guessing that the screen that says “order and pay here” is a full touchscreen, and you can choose from a menu of food options. Paying is probably done with credit cards and feeding dollars in the slots. I don’t see any place for coins.

In all honesty, I can think of ten good reasons to avoid human interaction with a fast-food cashier. Most of them are young people who don’t really care about serving customers, or old people like Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob Squarepants.

Still, I always had “cashier at fast food restaurant” as my back up plan for retirement. If there is a machine that can do the job, all I have to say is this: Uh-oh.


3 thoughts on “Ordering Kiosk at Jack-in-the-Box”

  1. This has been at our local Jack In the Box for almost 2 years now, not sure why coolest gadgets just heard of it. But it does make me question how in-the-know they are if I knew of something 2 years before they did.

  2. i kinda agree with you jproff… they had several of these kiosks at a subway in LA when I was down there for an internship in the summer of ’05.

  3. coolest gadgets is very slow we have had one of these at our carls jr. for 2 years at elk city, ok

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