Metal Detecting Dune Buggy


metal-buggyWe’ve seen some pretty decent metal detectors in the past, but Hammacher is back with a more novel way to discover hidden treasures at the beach or in your backyard with their Metal Detecting Dune Buggy.

This is the remote control dune buggy that can detect buried metallic objects when driven over suitable terrain, including backyards, dirt lots, low grass, or flat sand. The buggy can detect buried iron-based metals down to 4″ and when it does, it flashes a red LED and begins beeping to alert you of potential treasure. The remote controls forward, backward, left, and right movement from up to 25′ away. Metal detecting sensitivity can be modified to suit the terrain with a simple dial on the buggy. Includes three faux gold doubloons (metal) to bury and two plastic digging tools. Four AA batteries (not included) for the remote provide up to four hours of operation; buggy requires one 9-volt battery (not included).

The product description reads “Ages 8 and up”, and chances are the adults might be spending more time on this than their little one since times are pretty hard, so who knows, you might actually discover some hidden treasure right smack in the middle of your backyard, eh? The Metal Detecting Dune Buggy is going for $49.95, so you might need to discover a fair number of lost coins before recouping your initial investment costs.

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Dune buggy rider Says: February 27, 2010 at 7:11 am

Wow that’s the first dune buggy metal detector I have ever seen. What they really need is a metal detector backhoe that will actually dig up the item it detects.

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