LG offers brand new LED LCD HDTVs


lg-lh90South Korea consumer electronics giant LG is back with a bang – this time round they are working on a new bunch of LED LCD HDTVs for the home consumer market that will hopefully be affordable enough for normal Joes like you and I to pick one up while enjoying the latest in TV technology right smack in the middle and comfort of our living room. LG aims to redefine the LED LCD HDTV landscape, as their new range are the first LCDs to receive THX Display Certification in the US market. Known as the new LH90 series, they can be easily found throughout the hallowed halls of national retailers including Best Buy and other leading electronics dealers, where proud new owners will be able to wear a smug look due to the advanced picture quality, smart energy savings and stylish design found in each LH90 HDTV.

Originally making their preview at CES 2009 earlier this year, the new LH90 series of LCD HDTVs will boast a full-array of LED backlighting with a whopping 2,000,000:1 Mega Contrast for unsurpassed picture quality and color detail. Mind blowing figures, eh, putting all current LCD HDTVs to shame as contrast ratios are now counted in the millions. Not only that, the LH90 will feature local dimming technology for precise automatic picture control, resulting in deeper blacks and wider color gamut. The inclusion of TruMotion 240Hz technology makes sure you enjoy smooth motion even during fast-action sports and movie scenes – perfect for those who love watching their action movies over and over again. An integrated THX Movie Mode on the LH90 makes room for a one-button solution for experiencing studio color, black levels and clean signal processing.

If you’re interested in picking one up for your home, the new LG LH90 will come in 55″, 47″ and 42″ class sizes, retailing for $3,199.95, $2,399.95 and $1,899.95 respectively. Image courtesy of EngadgetHD.

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