Modem Mate rolls out external antenna for 3G modems

modemmateModem Mate will be releasing their new external antenna for USB-based 3G modems which happen to lack an antenna connector. This device will couple inductively with the internal antenna of most 3G modems, and will ship with an adapter that comes with its very own fastening strip for attaching/detaching the coupler to a 3G modem. The antenna itself can clip to the upper portion of the display in order to achieve the best signal strength possible, and is touted to amplify both HSPA/3G and EDGE/GPRS signals. Initial reports claim that up to 2 dBi can be added to the signal’s strength, but it’ll take a fair bit of testing to confirm that. Looks like it will be out in Europe first considering the €40 price point quoted.

Source: Electronista