Bsquare’s Touchscreen Soda Fountain

by Mark R

soda-fountainI thought that Samsung was cool with its New Touchscreen Vending Machine. Little did I know that design company Bsquare was working on a Soda Fountain that is far more advanced.

Bsquare’s soda dispenser is also a touchscreen, but this one is designed to give the user over 100 flavors. Some of these flavors are ones that I have never heard of here in the U.S., like Raspberry Coca-Cola and Grape Vault. See a video for it after the jump.

If you have ever worked at a restaurant with a soda fountain, then you know the necessity of changing out the carbonated water and sweeteners. I remember when I was working at a pizza restaurant, and I had to haul a huge canister of Coke syrup when we ran out of Coca-Cola. The Bsquare soda fountain doesn’t use that technology, as it uses “highly concentrated flavor cartridges with microdosing technology”. I’m sure that would have saved me a lot of labor back then.

One of the best parts of Bsquare’s soda dispenser is that it is connected to the net. That means restaurants can order more supplies as needed from the soda fountain itself, and they can download new “recipes” of cola as they come.

Well, this is definitely something that will be seen in restaurants of the future, but what if I want a Pepsi?


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