Forearm Pain Relief Massager

forearm-massagerHave you been working extra hard on the computer during the past months so that you can complete whatever project your boss has thrown at you? Unless the office is kind enough to get ergonomically correct hardware (keyboard and mouse), chances are your arms (and the entire body, to boot) will require some form of massage to soothe its protests of aches and pains. Why not do it with the Forearm Pain Relief Massager?

Invented by a licensed massage therapist, this is the forearm massager that can relieve pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries in the forearm without medication. The device replicates the Swedish arm massage technique to soothe the inflamed, stiff extensor and flexor muscles that cause forearm pain. Simply place your arm between the compression spring-loaded rollers, turn the dial to your preferred level of tension, and slide your arm back and forth through the cushioned rollers. Two ridges on the upper roller provide a penetrating massage that eases nerve compression and relieves tension in the muscles responsible for hand and wrist movement. The bottom roller’s rubber nodules grip and stretch sore, overworked muscles and tendons. The massager sets up unobtrusively on a desk or table.

Hammacher is carrying the Forearm Pain Relief Massager for $49.95.