Elecom Mouse with wind up cord


When you’re on the go, having the right portable electronics can always make life a whole lot easier.  Part of that is just taking into account what you need and finding what fits you.  The same portable electronics don’t work for everyone.  Thankfully, there’s a lot of variety out there.  Well if you need a mouse for your laptop but don’t want a cordless one, this would make for a great gadget to pick up.  It has the cord, but it is able to store the cord away, which means less of a tangled mess at the bottom of your laptop bag.

It has a rubber portion that flips up and underneath that is where the USB cord can be conveniently wrapped up.  The mouse comes in several different color choices that vary from the overly feminine to being nice and gender neutral.  As of now this isn’t out just yet, but they’re saying it will be out at the end of July.  Which means you won’t have long to wait.  You can pre-order it now though for ¥ 3,900.00 or about $42 from Geek Stuff 4U.

Source: OhGizmo