The Pedomostick helps motivate to walk more


Although at first glance this seems like your average walking stick, it actually has an electronic device stashed within the stick.  It doubles as a pedometer, letting the person using it know just how many steps they have taken as well as various other facts.  Which might motivate those that have a hard time walking to create new goals everyday and try to walk further and further.  Although it is just a small gadget added in, for some it could be a big help.

It also lets you know how many calories have been burned, the distance traveled and the time you have spent walking.  It shows all of this on an LCD screen that is built into the shaft of the staff itself.  The down side is that the location of the screen won’t make it easy to just glance at while you’re walking.  The walking stick also has an LED flashlight mounted to the shaft that will allow you to see where you’re walking at night, without having to hang onto both a flashlight and a walking stick.  You can purchase the adjustable walking stick for $99.95 from Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: TechFresh

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  1. When i first saw the headline i though either its a stick to hit paedophiles or tell you if someone is one.

    I blame Pedobear.

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